About Tango®

Tango has an attractive glass-like appearance which promotes beverage sales at a greater volume than glass, disposables or other reusable drinkware while lowering your operating costs. Tango is an easy transition from glass, while providing a high quality presentation and the upscale image that food service operators demand.


Most clear, non glass, reusable drinkware is made of acrylic causing these products to be break resistant. The combination of technology, material, and manufacturing are what separates Tango from the competition. Tango products are shatterproof and will not crack, chip or lose the glass-like clarity which makes its product unique. With 50 times the impact strength of acrylic, the concerns of safety due to breakage are eliminated. Made from an exclusive blend of Polycarbonate resin, the style, price and durability are unmatched in the food industry.

Break Resistant

Our Wombat Ware line, made from tough, break resistant SAN provides good strength and durability. Dishwasher safe, impervious to stains and odors, Wombat Ware is the choice when you need good looking, cost effective drinkware.

Hot & Cold

Polycarbonate and SAN are excellent insulators. This allows Tango products to be used for both hot and cold beverages. Condensation is dramatically reduced when using Tango products. Tango provides for all your beverage needs since it can be chilled in a freezer or even heated in a microwave.

Large Savings

While initially inexpensive to purchase, disposable drinkware will prove to be costly over the course of a year. Why keep purchasing a product that can be used only once and then needs to be thrown away? Compared to glass with its ability to break, Tango products are dishwasher safe and will continue to maintain their glass-like appearance after thousands of washes.

Custom Imprinting

Tango´s in-house design department and printing facility can professionally assemble an exciting promotion to suit your budget. We are specialists in the printing of corporate logos and trade marks. Whether it´s pitchers for promotions, glasses for festivals, giveaway mugs or drinkware packs for company gifts, Tango makes the ideal permanent advertisement for your company.

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